Reflection on Presentation

At first I wanted to be a mechanic. I thought it was my dream career. I loved mechanics because I love to work on cars. Until I went to job shadow a construction worker and then I didn’t think mechanics was my dream job. I really liked being a construction worker because it is not a desk job and you get to use big machines to build wonder. What I will need to obtain this job as a construction worker is a licenses to operate heavy machinery and I also need to know how to read blueprints and know how to draw blueprints. During my presentation I think I did amazing. I didn’t get nervous I usually feel comfortable talking in front of an audience. I’m proud that I actually got my job shadowing done and did very well on my presentation. I think my presentation was perfection but I could have explained a little more about my dream job. I am also very proud of myself for dressing up for my presentation because I don’t really like dressing up. In my next presentation I think I could freestyle what I have to say so that it sounds more natural to the audience when I do my presentation. I could also use my hands a little bit more to show more emphasis and make it more natural. I also should have added more pictures to my presentation power point. I wish I would have been more natural during my presentation. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t mess up at all. The easiest part of the presentation process was to present the presentation to the audience. The hardest part of the presentation was getting everything on the presentation power point. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I know what I could do better on my next presentation.

Mock Interview Reflection

  1. While I interviewed a student I felt like I have the power over them. I say if they get the job or not. I think it does make me more prepared because I get to see what they will asked us, how they judge us, and how they feel about the answers that are given.
  2. When a class mate interviewed me I didn’t feel nervous. I didn’t feel nervous because I knew it was a fake interview. I wasn’t excited or any other felling I was laughing a lot because the person that was interviewing me was goofing off.
  3. I feel like I responded well to the questions but I could have gave more thought to the answers I gave the person that interviewed me. A question that I found hard was the question that says what are your strengths and weakness because I know my strengths but I don’t know my weaknesses. A question that I thought was easy was the question that said describe yourself because I know myself well.
  4. I would tell them to concentrate and try to give the best answer they can. Also not to lie because if you get caught that you lied during your interview you could get fired.
  5. I learned that I need to be better prepared and not be nervous when I go to a real interview and I also learned how the person that is interviewing me is going to feel while he/she is interviewing me.
  6. I think this class activity helps prepare you for a real interview. And makes you see how the person interviewing feels.

First Impressions

In the play, Twelfth Night by Shakespeare there was a lot of first impressions. For example Olivia’s first impression of Cesario was a nice young man. Cesarios first impression towards the duke was a young man willing to work for him. But little did these people know that Cesario the young man was actually a girl. A gentile women that was fooling them into thinking that she was a man. This is a very good example how first impressions shows how someone portrays you for the rest of your life. In real life many people judge someone by their first impression. If they see that they are fat they assume they are not good at any sports. But they could be completely wrong. You shouldn’t only judge people only their first impression you have you get to know the person before you judge. So don’t do what the duke and lady Olivia did to Cesario and get to know someone before judging them by their first impression.

Apple watch not compatible with some tattoos.

Apple watch is the new thing in technology. Apple released a watch that is similar to the Galaxy Gear produced by Samsung. But Apple watch has a malfunction. Many people have been reporting that the heart rate sensor on the Apple watch is malfunctioning. Apple has came up with the solution on why the Apple watch wasn’t working its because of the tattoos. “The ink, pattern, and saturation of some tattoos can block light from the sensor, making it difficult to get reliable readings” (Newcomb 1). Michael Lovell made a YouTube video on how his Apple watch works perfectly on his hand that he doesn’t have a tattoo on but on the arm he has a tattoo on the Apple watch was malfunctioning. Lovell also states that he was very disappointed with Apples product. Also he states that it constantly keeps asking for the pass code when he has it on his tattoo hand. This was a very interesting topic in my opinion because I like technology and there is always a way to prove technology and I didn’t know that a tattoo can affect the censor. the reporter is stating the facts on how Apple watch are malfunctioning due to some tattoos people have of their body.

Basketball Games

In my peronal opinon I think basket ball is the most intresting sport there is. I love watching the playoffs and watch the best teames rise to the top. my favorite team in the NBA is the Chicago Bulls and the Golden state Warriors. In the game basket ball you have to shoot the ball through the hoop to get two points because the point system goes by 2’s unless you shoot behind the three point line like Stephen Curry. STEPH CURRY WITH THA SHOT BOY!!! I like to watch the games with my family unless the team we are voting for loses then i go crazy. One time my family and I were so excited to watch a game and our favorite team lost, my family was screaming at the tv and at the refs. We couldnt accept defeat!! I also like watching Golden Sate vs the LA Clippers  because there is always drama when they play against each other. They have a very bad rivalry since they both want to represent california. I remember one time they started fighting while the game started thats how bad their rivalry is. Personally I think that basketball is the best and most competetive sport there is.

60 sec shakespeare

Our main characters to Shakespeare play the “Twelfth Night” were Viola/Cesario, Duke Orsino, Sir Andrew, and Sir Toby, Maria, Malvolio, Sebastian and Antonio. We summarized act 2 in 60 seconds. A summary of act 2 sene 1 is Antonio saves Sebastian’s from a shipwreck and wants to serve Sebastian. Scene 2 begins with Malvolio catching up to Cesario to return a ring that he thinks cesario left for lady Olivia. In scene 3, Sir Toby and Sir Andrew come home drunk and create a lot of noise. Maria then comes down to scold them and tell to be quiet. Malvolio then comes down scolds Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Maria and says he is going to tell on them to Lady Olivia. Then Maria, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew come up with a idea to prank Malvolio. Scene 4 is the act of carrying on with the prank and watch as Malvolio falls for it. I think our group was the best group out there. We could have practiced a little more because we only practiced 1 time before our performance. . We then had to practiced and act out our scenes. I think my performance was the best it could be. I think this because I didn’t forget my lines and I think my singing was on point

Images that represent me

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is very useful for high school students today. Job shadowing helps students find out what career they want to pursue. It also lets them experience a day in the life of for example a mechanic and see if they would like this job or the amount of pay doing something they love. Also job shadowing lets them experience jobs that they would not like or jobs students thought they liked until they found out how their job actually works. I want to be a machine operator so I contacted some working at local 150 machine operators and talked to them and even practice operating a bulldozer simulator. I really like the experience and it supported my idea of being a machine operator. Job shadowing is very beneficial to high school student to help them pick out a job that they not just like but love and plan for the future.


Advise for students by joe

There is alot of good advise for student to do well in school i will give you some to do good in school and get good grades.

  • always study for test never leave studying for the last. when you leave studying for last you are rushing to remember all the things before you take the test and then you forget what you were trying to remember thats why you study before and you already remember what is going to be on the test.
  • dont be a procrastinor because when you procrastinate long enought you will lose track of time and a project that you got 2 weeks ago is due tommorrow and you have nothing done. then you will be stressed out and up all night doing the project when you could have had it done long before it was due.
  • respect the teachers and they will respect you
  • always do your homework because it might seem that homework doesnt count a whole lot but when you add all the homework assignments up they can be a major part of your grade